What is Cervical Pain? How to Treat Cervical Pain?

What is Cervical Pain? How to Treat Cervical Pain?

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Do you suffer from severe neck pain?

Is it causing distress in your life?

If you are above the age of 45, there is a high chance that you are suffering from cervical pain.

It has a high prevalence in the world ranging from 16.7% to 75.1%. Moreover, the number is higher in women than men.

There are various reasons among different groups of people that lead to cervical pain.

If you suffer from neck pain, it is better to consult the best orthopaedic doctor near you to prevent it from turning into a chronic issue.

What is Cervical Pain?

Cervical pain is also known as Cervical spondylosis.

The Cervical disks absorb the shock that comes to the neck. With age, the ligaments, disks, cartilage, and bones start to wear down.

Consequently, there is an effect on the cervical disks and their shock absorption reduces.

The disks start to dehydrate and shrink for various reasons. This also leads to osteoarthritis and bony projections.

Cervical pains cause nerve compression around the vertebrae, which can also cause the weakening of hands and legs.

Causes of Cervical Pain

As said, age is the primary factor of cervical neck pain. However, other factors might be causing cervical pain.

  • Herniation

With age, the spinal cord can tear or crack. This causes the disk to bulge out, which is also known as Hernia.

Further, the pressure on the neck/back can cause pain and numbness.

  • Osteoarthritis

It occurs when the cartilage (protective tissues) wears down and reduces the cushioning on each side of the vertebrae.

People suffering from osteoarthritis observe a quicker disintegration of cartilage than in ageing.

  • Ligament Stiffness

As you age, the ligaments that connect the spinal bones become stiff. The stiffness hinders the flexibility of the neck.

The reduced movement can cause pain in the neck. Further, your ligaments can also get stiff due to an injury or an accident.

Treatments for Cervical Pain

It is possible to prevent neck pain from turning into chronic cervical spondylosis. Moreover, noticing the early signs of cervical spondylosis and contacting the best orthopaedic doctor for cervical pain can help a great deal.

Some of the common cervical pain treatments recommended by orthopaedic doctors are:

  • Exercises and Stretching

Physical therapy has proven to be a great muscle pain reliever.

Depending on the cause of cervical spondylosis, your orthopaedic doctor might recommend some physical therapy to reduce the pain.

However, either properly learn the stretching positions, or do it under the guidance of an expert.

  • Using Braces

If you have been sleeping in odd positions or working in a slouched position, there is a high chance that you have pulled a muscle.

To relieve the pain and give time to recuperate the muscles, the orthopaedic doctor for neck pain might recommend using a brace or a neck collar.

  • Steroids Injections

The second best treatment for cervical pain is steroid injections if your orthopaedic doctor feels that physical therapy or neck collars would not be of great help.

Epidural injections treat neck or arm pain due to herniation. It is injected in the epidural space next to the spinal cord.

Major Takeaways

It is better to take preventive measures rather than depending on steroid injections.

If you have frequent neck and arm pains, it is time to consult your orthopaedic doctor. Diagnosing early signs of cervical spondylosis can help you treat it easily and effectively.

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