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What happens when today’s hair turns into tomorrow’s no hair? Have you ever thought? With the increasing stressful routines and dietary drawbacks hair loss has become a very common feature in today’s society and that too, in youth as well. Hair loss in both men and women has a significant influence on the psychological wellbeing and is associated with low self-esteem and depression in severe cases.

The causes for hair fall or hair loss in a patient can be many and for the best results our doctors first aim to understand the cause in each individual patient and investigate him or her fully in a scientific manner before starting on a treatment regimen. The Orthoderma Clinic is a name to reckon with in the field of hair loss treatments Ludhiana.

Treatments Available

Hair Cyclical Therapy

As we discussed earlier also that the major cause of hair fall is the lack of proper nutritional diet. In order to curb the hair fall due to this reason calls for the need of proper nutrition to be given to the affected body. It is a scientifically developed nutritional replacement therapy to take care of the body’s nutritional deficiencies. This therapy has proven to be one of the most effective in controlling hair fall due to deficiency states. One major fact to be considered in mind is the perfect combination of the nutrients so instilled in the body.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

It is a 3-step medical therapy for all forms of hair loss. As the name suggests, this therapy plays a role in injecting an adequate amount of platelet count in the blood steam in order to get the best outcome for healthy growth of hair. Dr. Vidushi Singal is an established name in the field of perfection of this therapy. In this a patient’s blood is withdrawn, processed and the platelet rich plasma is then re-injected into the scalp. It is a simple, cost effective and safe treatment option for hair loss. It has no down time. Multiple monthly sessions may be required to get the full benefits of this treatment.

Derma roller or Micro Needling

These are used as an adjunctive therapy along with other modalities to stimulate hair regrowth. It works by stimulation of the hair stem cells and inducing activation of growth factors. In this process, multiple micro needles are used to make small injuries on the bald area. As soon as the injuries heal the skin starts producing more collagen which strengthens the hair follicles and rejuvenates the growth of hair. Anaesthesia is applied for 45 minutes before this treatment begins and the actual procedure takes minimum 30 minutes to the maximum range which varies as per the individual needs.


Mesotherapy is a non-invasive technique of superficial microinjections, just below the epidermis into target tissues. This practice uses very fine needles to supply a series of injections into mesoderm (the middle layer) of skin. This process helps to amends core matters like poor circulation and inflammation that cause skin damage. The best kinds of hair boosters and growth stimulators including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, growth factors and coenzymes are used for injections in the clinic.

Stem Cell Therapy for Hair Growth

 For hair transplant, Stem Cell Therapy is one of the most commonly opted as well as successful process. This treatment is very effectual. It is a non-surgical therapy which helps to stimulate and regrow hair follicles. Stem cells that are present in the middle of the follicles certify the continuity in the supply of cells. This in turn helps burgeoning hair cells on a firm pace handling hair loss. It is a single session therapy in which we inject autologous progenitor cell micro grafts at the recipient site which are a source of growth factors for hair restoration.

Low Level Laser Therapy

Science has proved that low intensity light has been shown to promote hair growth in both men and women. Low intensity light irradiates photons into scalp tissues. These photons are absorbed by weak cells to boost hair growth. It is a less invasive procedure than hair surgery. Hence, it is safer. It not only grows new hair but also strengthen the already existing ones. In this treatment the patient wears a laser helmet for around 20 min. A minimum of 10 sessions are given.

Strong hair means a stronger you. However, your special hair can experience severe problems with the inclining changes in the environment. Hair loss in Men and Women is on peak these days due to stress, tension and imbalance in nutrition intake. You can avail more information on Hair loss from Orthoderma clinic that provides the best Hair Loss Treatment in Malerkotla.

Hair loss can lead to a devastating effect on a person’s personality and self-esteem. Not only this, it even leads to many skin problems as the inner scalp of the head is exposed when hair starts thinning or falling. But, you don’t have to worry more as painless, effective and long-lasting Hair loss treatment in Ludhiana is now available at your one-stop derma clinic, the Orthoderma Clinic Ludhiana.

You can revive your lost hair with the best Hair loss treatment in Moga. Additionally, the hair loss treatment at Orthoderma clinic is considered safe, natural and regarded with a full success rate among the patients.

With maximum efficacy, a huge number of people have revamped their lost hair look with shiny and strong hair. Our team has a proliferative approach comprised of Dermatology and nutrition to give you the best Hair Loss Treatment in Mullanpur.