5 reasons for visiting an orthopedic doctor

5 reasons for visiting an orthopedic doctor

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Musculoskeletal problems are on a great rise nowadays. The underlying reasons include sedentary lifestyle, decreased mobility, stress and no time for exercise. Genetics and accidents are also a contributor.

PAIN in any part of the body persisting with great severity and duration causes discomfort. People postpone their treatment just because they don’t know from whom to get their checkup done. Here comes the role of an Orthopedician in Ludhiana.

An orthopedic doctor is the one who specializes in treating bones, joints, ligaments, tendons and body muscles. Different areas of specialization include- hand and wrist, shoulder and elbow, foot and ankle, hip and knee, or spine.

Best ortho treatment in Ludhiana is available for symptoms including-

  • Difficulty in performing daily activities.
  • Inability to use a part of the body properly.
  • Persisting pain in knee, hand, ankle, spine, etc.
  • Prolonged swelling or redness
  • Inflammation accompanying pain
  • Cracking or popping sound from a body part
  • Constant muscle pain

Common Injuries Treated by Orthopedician include-

  • Soft tissue injury
  • Bone Fractures
  • Tendon Injuries
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Repetitive Strain Injury including Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

5 Reasons to visit an Orthopedician:

Chronic Pain:

Lower Back Pain– It is also known as Sciatica. Almost all adults face lower back pain at some point in their lifetime. The pain normally starts in the lower back and extends till the legs or even feet.

The pain often results due to a slipped disc. If the pain doesn’t subside within six weeks, it’s time to consult the Best orthopedician in Ludhiana.

Hip Pain– Hip pain normally takes place on the outer side of the hips or in the buttocks. It extends till the thighs. Minor hip pain can be relieved with home remedies like rest, hot and cold therapy, etc.

But, if the pain is severe, you need professional help. The pain may worsen further due to arthritis. So, get the best orthopedic treatment at the earliest. If other methods fail, you may undergo Hip replacement surgery.

Knee Pain– Severe knee pain can be the result of arthritis, injury or other reasons. It can hamper your lifestyle and can cause discomfort.

Get the cause of your pain diagnosed by Dr. Shekhar Singal, the best Orthopedician in Ludhiana. Knee replacement surgery is an option if the other options fail to conquer your pain.

Shoulder Pain– Shoulder pain may be the result of injury to muscles, tendons or the rotator cuff joint. Other reasons may include arthritis, dislocation and overuse injury. The pain may accompany swelling and discoloration. If the pain lasts for more than 2-4 weeks then it is a cause of concern.

The shoulder stiffens and movement becomes painful in a frozen shoulder. Get it diagnosed by the Best orthopedician in Ludhiana. If some exercises, heat and medication don’t relieve your pain then shoulder surgery may be an option.

Muscular Pain– If you are experiencing constant muscular pain then it’s time for best orthopedic treatment. It is common in people of old age and sportsmen.

Restricted range of motion:

Fractures, inflammation, stiffness and weakness all restrict movement of body parts. It is frustrating to carry out daily activities in such a condition.

You might not be able to lift things, drive or take care of yourself. Of course severe pain is a great disturbance. In such cases, orthopaedician near me should be consulted.

Pain Management:

Pain and numbness persisting for more than 12 weeks becomes suffering. If you wish not to suffer more, visit the Orthoderma Clinic in Ludhiana. Orthopedic problems if left untreated often result in a worse situation.

Unimproved Injury:

After an accident, the injury results in severe pain. But, if it worsens after 48 hours, book an appointment with an orthopedician in Ludhiana.

Specialist Opinion/ Treatment:

You may want to consult an Orthopedic doctor to get his opinion of your condition. Of course no one wants to live with pain their entire lifetime.

An ortho doctor can give advice, prescribe medication, suggest exercises and even recommend surgery. Receive the Best ortho treatment in Ludhiana from Orthodermaclinic.

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