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Geriatric Hip fractures are associated with elderly adults often caused due to falling. Here a break is noticed in the upper third of the femur (thigh bone) or around the hip joint. The fracture is caused mainly due to weakened bones and joints over time that results in balancing issue and muscle loss.

Treating Geriatric Hip Fractures

The geriatric fracture may be a simple hip injury but the treatment is not simple. Hip fractures in elderly adults require extra care due to their age factor. Things can get worse if treated by unprofessional hands. Dr. Shekhar and his multi-disciplinary team’s perfectly streamlined treatments/surgeries for such fractures significantly decrease the risk of complications. A fellow in Geriatric (Old age) Traumatology from Queen Elizabeth Hospital (HongKong), Dr. Shekhar is undoubtedly the best orthopedician near me for treating geriatric hip fractures.

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