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Knee replacement surgery is a surgical procedure to resurface a damaged knee. Orthoderma-the best bone clinic in Ludhiana offers minimal invasive and painless knee replacement surgery at affordable cost in Ludhiana – Punjab. The surgery is commonly recommended to patients who are suffering from Osteoarthritis (most common), Rheumatoid arthritis, Osteonecrosis, fracture/Injury in knee or have a bone tumor in their knee joint.

Every knee pain doesn’t necessarily calls for a knee replacement surgery in Ludhiana. The treatment at the Orthoderma Clinic is completely individualized based on symptoms, disability degree and as per the demands of patient’s lifestyle. Dr. Shekhar Singal offers a holistic approach to handle your knee issues and recommends the treatment that suits you the best.

Patients facing severe pain in and around the knee joint, experiencing swelling in the knee, restricted maneuvers, discomfort in walking and inability to stand for a long time are advised to immediately seek medical assistance. A slight delay in treatment may lead to permanent damage to ligaments and knee.  

The patient can start walking within 24 hours of knee replacement. With some easy physiotherapy sessions post operation, you can easily start sitting cross-legged within a couple of days. Depending upon the recovery, the patients can be discharged the next day after surgery.

A.     Joint Preserving Surgery

As the name suggests, the treatment aims to preserve the natural knee joint of the patients with a damaged knee cartilage till the time they become suitable candidates for knee replacement Surgery in Punjab. Knee preservation surgery follows a number of procedures such as realigning the knee joint so that the affected (damaged/injured) portion is off-loaded.

Joint replacement or knee replacement is not always an answer to patients due to their age, weight, activity or some suffering from advanced osteoarthritis. For these patients, we follow Joint Preservation and Joint Restoration treatments. Joint preservation surgery is performed on patients who may have bone spurs, localized area of pathology or where joint arthroplasty may not work.

Some of the procedures include:

  • Osteotomy
  • Microfracture
  • Mosaicplasty
  • Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation (ACI)
B.     Ligament Injury

There are two types of ligament injuries

  1. Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury (ACL)

ACL is a stabilizing ligament in the knee that connects thighbone and shinbone. The ACL does not heal on its own. So, the patients have to undergo a surgery to reconstruct the torn ligament that helps them to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. The treatment follows performing an ACL surgery to stabilize the knee and protecting it from future damages such as Osteoarthritis, Meniscus etc.

At Orthoderma Clinic, we follow a totally painless and less invasive arthroscopy. Most of the patients are discharged the very next day after the surgery.

  1. Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL)

The rotational moments of the knee are controlled and stabilized by PCL. Just like ACL, PCL also needs a surgery for its reconstruction. Depending upon the severity of the damage, the treatment is decided. Less severe PCL tears may not need surgery and can be treated with a progressive and aggressive physiotherapy sessions.

C.     Meniscal Injury

Orthoderma clinic offers the best-in-class treatment for patients with a meniscal injury in Ludhiana. Immediate treatment is necessary so as to overcome the knee pain, swelling and avoid degeneration of the joint. For minor meniscal tears, the knee conservation treatment is followed that includes healing with simple muscle strengthening and physical exercises.

Freshly injured patients with locked knee or where knee conservation method fails may need to undergo a surgical treatment.

D.    Knee pain

The Orthoderma clinic is one of the best orthopedic clinics in Ludhiana offering painless treatments for all knee pains and injuries. Knee pain may be due to an injury, a ruptured ligament or a torn cartilage. Some other medical conditions such as gout, infections and arthritis may result in knee pain.

You need to take extra good care of your knees and maintain a healthy lifestyle if you wish to avoid living a sedentary life. Here’s when to see an Orthopedician:

  • Swelling and redness in knee
  • Knee is stiff and warm to touch
  • Instability or restricted motion
  • Popping or crunching noises
  • Inability to fully straighten the knee
  • Severe knee pain due to injury

If you are experiencing any of the problems given above, you must book your appointment with Dr. Shekhar Singal, Punjab’s best Orthopedician right now and seek his expert advice.