Neck Bands & Lines Treatment

Most anti-ageing regimens tend to concentrate only on the face and completely ignore the neck. But if the neck remains unturned, the whole concept of these treatments would go in vain as the facial impact would have loose ends.  In our clinic, we offer various treatments to effectively treat the signs of ageing on the neck as well. These treatments are better recommended to have a full-fledged benefit of the treatments. There are three major treatments that are used for treating the loose neck skin:


Botox is a wrinkle muscle relaxer which is injected in the affected skin all around the neck to reduce the appearance of wrinkles by temporarily restarting wrinkles. It is triflingly invasive.


If you have a turkey neck and wish to have a nice cut of your jawline and youthful neck, then dermal fillers are a very good option. They help to contour and smooth the crucial area.

Radiofrequency Based Therapy

A cosmetic RF machine uses Radio Frequency waves for managing skin tightening treatments for people who want to get rid of sagging skin. This treatment is equally workable for the neck area as well. Therefore, Botox, fillers and radiofrequency based skin tightening therapies are used for relaxing the neck muscles giving it a tighter, firmer and slimmer look.