Shoulder Replacement Surgery in Ludhiana | Orthoderma Clinic

If you are suffering from acute shoulder pain from a long time and your movements are getting restricted, then you must consult an orthopedic doctor today. Timely medications and therapies could save you from totally losing your shoulder. Undergoing proper diagnosis from a professional and qualified orthopedic is very essential to treat the shoulder.


  • Pain with activities
  • Restricted motion and movement
  • Stiffness in shoulder
  • Swelling of the shoulder joint
  • Tenderness along the joint

If you are undergoing these symptoms, it’s time to visit Orthoderma- the best orthopedic hospital in Ludhiana.

Only if you are not getting relieved from your shoulder pain from non-surgical pain relief therapies, then you may need a Shoulder Replacement Surgery. Patients suffering from Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and other forms of arthritis are advised to seek immediate medical assistance regarding the care of their shoulder joints.

Types of Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Shoulder Replacement Surgery involves replacing the natural ball and socket joints with implants depending upon the severity of the condition. The surgery is generally performed on fractures that are non-re-constructible or a worn-out painful joint. A holistic rehabilitation program post-op will significantly help the patients recover from the surgery quickly and easily. There are essentially three types of surgeries followed:

  1. Total Shoulder Replacement– Here the ball of the shoulder joint is replaced with a metallic ball implant and is attached to the bone. The socket is resurfaced with a new plastic covering.
  2. Partial Shoulder Replacement– Only the balls of the socket are implanted.
  3.  Reverse Shoulder Replacement- This surgery is performed on patients with torn rotator cuff or when other shoulder replacement surgeries cannot be performed.