What are common knee injuries and how to prevent them?

What are common knee injuries and how to prevent them?

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Have a look at the five most common knee injuries and some easy ways to prevent them!

Our knee is the largest joint in our body responsible for our free movement and balancing our weight. According to Dr. Shekhar Singal- the best orthopedic doctor in Ludhiana, knee injuries are a growing significant public health concern not only amongst the elderly but also among teens and kids. Injuries could be a result of arthritis, gout, hurting the knee or overexertion of the knee joint, adds the best ortho doctor in Ludhiana.

However, you can still prevent your knee from getting injured and save yourself a lot of pain and medical expenses of knee replacement surgery in Ludhiana. This post highlights 5 common knee injuries and some easy ways to prevent these injuries for healthy and strong knee joints. 

What is our knee made up of?

Our knee joint is a type of hinge joint that is made up of meniscus (cartilage), bones (femur, patella and tibia), ligaments, muscles and tendons.  Knee injuries can have big repercussions in our daily lives as they restrict our leg movements and our activeness.

1.   ACL Injury

This type of injury is mainly experienced by sports persons such as those associated with basketball, soccer, hockey and football. The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) gets hurt with sudden stops and frequent changes in direction. The ligament when damaged or torn results in pain and hinders movement. 

2.  Meniscus Tear

Meniscus or the cartilage provides a cushion between your bones (femur and tibia) to prevent their rubbing against each other. Motions involving great twists, rotations or turns of the knee or activities that put pressure on the knee could end up tearing the meniscus. The risk increases with age as well.

Meniscus tear is a common sports injury that is likely to hit people playing skiing and volleyball the most.

3.  Knee Fracture

Your kneecap or patella is most susceptible to fracture when you fall on your knees first during an accident. A knee is considered fractured when any of the three bones (femur, tibia or patella) breaks. People having osteoporosis i.e. thinning of bones are also prone to knee fractures. Their bones cannot withstand shock impact and therefore, break. 

4. Kneecap dislocation

When there is a sudden impact on the knee (from your heel) such as when your land after a high jump results in dislocation of the kneecap or patella. The tissues supporting the kneecap also get torn. Dr. Shekhar Singal shares that knee dislocation is a minor injury and can be treated successfully if medical aid is received on time.  

5. Overuse

Spending too much time on your feet exerts excess pressure on the knees. Unsupported shoes, poor posture and continually straining the knees further augment the situation.  Runner and athletes often complain of knee pain as their knees get worn out due to prolonged running. This injury is also called ‘runner’s knee’.

Preventative Measures

Dr. Shekhar Singal- the best orthopedic doctor in Punjab ascertains that the best part of knee injuries is that they are preventable. Inevitably, knee injuries resulting from falling are difficult to prevent but you can build muscles to protect the ligaments, this could speed up the healing process and lower the chances of severe injury. Here are a few preventive tips shared by the best ortho doctor in Ludhiana- Dr. Shekhar Singal.

  • Always warm up and stretch before performing a physical activity and take time to cool down as well.
  • Make sure to include resistance exercises or strength training exercises in your workout routine. This will strengthen the muscles to bear more stress and weight.
  • Replace worn out and torn shoes regularly. This ensures ample support not only for your foot but for the entire leg.
  • While involving in any sporting activity, wear knee caps to protect your knee from injury.
  • Avoid kneeling on hard/harsh surfaces unless you have cushioning. 
  • Watch your weight.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Get your bone density checked every year.

These few tips can make a huge difference to your knee safety.

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