Tips For Safe And Healthy Holi

Tips For Safe And Healthy Holi

Tips For Safe And Healthy Holi | Orthoderma Clinic

“Holi hai”

What are the things to be kept in mind?

Holi is one of the most fun-filled and vibrant festivals celebrated around India. In a country like India which has a huge biodiversity, Holi keeps the entire country united.

Holi destroys the unnoticed barriers created by race, caste and religion using colours. Even though Holi is the perfect opportunity to heap around in colours. It is also significant to keep yourself safe and completely enjoy the festival.

During Holi, there can be indulgence in activities that are unsafe and unhealthy. The chemicals in the colours can harm the skin and can adulterate the sweets ingested, causing intestinal problems. However in case of any problem Best Dermatologist in Ludhiana should be visited.

Tips to be kept in mind

Oil the Skin

It is advised to apply oil on your skin as soon as you prepare for the festival so that the colours do not penetrate the skin through pores. A layer of coconut oil can be used to make the skin greasy.

It would not only hydrate the body but also wash away the colours in the fastest manner. Oiling the hair would ensure that colour does not stick to your hair and wash off later.

Use Organic Colours

Skin-friendly colours should be used. Colours with harmful chemicals should be avoided at any cost. Colours with mixed chemicals are difficult to get off the skin.

Such colours can also cause allergic reactions if not taken care of properly. If you are unable to buy natural colours, then quality products should be used. The Best Derma Clinic in Ludhiana suggests using only natural colours.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Holi falls at the start of summer. It is essential to keep yourself hydrated. Water and other drinks could be used to energize yourselves. Dehydration can cause the skin to dry further which can cause problems at the later stages.

Protection of Eyes

If somebody uses contact lenses, they should be taken off before playing Holi. The colours will cause irritation to the eyes if they go into them. Sunglasses are a good alternative to protect eyes from colours as well as sunlight.

Cover the Body

Old and worn out clothes should be chosen while playing Holi. It should be tried to keep the arms, legs and face covered. Full sleeved clothes are a good alternative. Use clothes that you would not mind staining.

Protection from Sun

Sun protection is a must while playing holi. One should opt for using caps, bandanas, headbands and other fabrics to escape the harmful rays of the sun.

Go Gentle on the Face

Family and friends should be requested to go gentle on the face as scrubbing the face with dangerous colours could prove to be harmful and show side-effects in the later stages.

Eyes and lips should be closed every time somebody comes to apply colour on the face. In case of any symptoms regarding facial problems Best Dermatologist in Ludhiana can be contacted.

Check the Sweets

During the festival season, adulterated sweets are quite common in the market. These sweets should be tested with respect to the purity. In addition to this, they should be distanced from colours since they can get in and cause health problems.

Kindness towards Animals

Not everyone around you loves colours. Colours on pets, strays and innocent animals should be avoided. Everyone should be respected while playing with colours or water balloons. Nobody should apply colours without consent.

Get Nourished

Holi should not be celebrated with an empty stomach. Fresh fruits, drinks and plenty of carbs should be taken. Avoid coffee or any other kind of beverage that can cause dehydration. In order to prevent this happy festival from becoming rowdy, all the necessary precautions should be followed. Children in particular should be taken care of since they are prone to cold and fever as a result of being continuously wet.

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