Things to know before undergoing laser treatment for acne scar or tattoo removal

Things to know before undergoing laser treatment for acne scar or tattoo removal

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Acne is dreadful and so are its scars. Laser is one of the most popular treatments for removing acne scars and treating hyperpigmentation. Here are a few things to be considered before undergoing laser treatment.

Acne Vulgaris or acne is dreadful as it pesters the individual long before leaving and then leaves behind the ugly scar as well. These scars not only deteriorate the natural beauty of the face but deeply shake the self-confidence and esteem of the individual.  Laser is one of the most popular acne scars treatment in Punjab that works like a wizard’s wand and helps you look flawless.

Dr. Vidushi Singal, the best dermatologist in Ludhiana shares a few basic facts about laser treatment for acne scars to achieve impressive results and mitigate any side effects.

1. Keep your expectations real

Lasers are quickly becoming dermatologists’ favorite go-to treatment for acne scars. 100% removal of scar is not possible with any laser treatment but yes, it can make your scar less noticeable. When you are undergoing laser scar removal treatment, it’s just that you are replacing a prominent scar with an unnoticeable one. 

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2. Skill of the doctor

Dermatologists and well-known cosmetologists across the world are at the forefront of treating scars and devising the best treatments for acne scars. Your results largely depend on the expertise and skill of the doctor performing the treatment.

Getting operated by an inexperienced doctor or dermatologist may result in unwanted results or it could even be dangerous for the skin.

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3. Prior medical consultation

It is essential to take a consultation before getting operated. If a doctor promises you to treat your acne scar before providing any consultation, just walk away.

Everyone is unique and so is their skin. For a perfect and effective treatment, the doctor should consider the characteristics of your scar, skin type and other health issues. 

Be honest with your doctor and share your expectations clearly.

4. Sun protection

If you have a tan or sunburn, your dermatologist cannot perform laser treatment for acne scars on you. Using laser on tanned or sunburnt skin may result in a serious burn or skin discoloration.

Even after the treatment, you need to protect your skin from the sun till your skin heals perfectly. Going unprotected under the sun may damage your skin resulting in the formation of another scar.

5. Lifestyle changes

To heal effectively and fully, you will need to make certain changes in your lifestyle, advices Dr. Vidushi – the best dermatologist in Ludhiana. She strongly recommends these lifestyle changes to her patients:

  • Stop taking medications and supplements that delay healing.
  • Skin care products containing retinoid or glycolic acid should be stopped for a month.
  • Take proper medication to prevent cold sores.
  • Avoid stepping in the sun a few days before and after receiving the treatment.

6. Treatment may include other sub-treatments

Depending on the severity and deepness of your scar, the laser treatment may accompany several other sub treatments as well such as dermal fillers etc. Also, you may need multiple sessions to get the desired results.

The results of the treatment may not be immediate or may take a couple of months to show up properly. The improvement would be gradual.

7. Insurance may not be covered

Most medical insurance companies consider laser treatments as cosmetic treatments. So, there may be a possibility that the cost of laser may be covered in your health insurance plan.

For best result and to prevent any side effects (if any), it is advisable to follow your dermatologist’s instructions die heartedly.

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