Post Holi Skin Care

Post Holi Skin Care

Holi Skin care tips | Orthoderma Clinic

The festival of Holi being a vibrant one portrays the richness of Indian culture. Holi highlights the usage of colours, water balloons and sweets. For some people, contrarily, Holi causes the allergic reactions on the skin, acne, dry, frizzy hair and a non-glowing skin.

These issues are caused due to certain irritants present in the colours and the grease laden food used in parties. The chemicals present in the colours could dry out the skin thus making it look dull and drab.

If you love enjoying this festival but fear the damage caused by synthetic dyes and colours, you need to follow the post Holi skin care to get over all the worries.

Following skin care tips could be followed to get over the post Holi damage:

Clean the skin

Skin should be cleansed thoroughly. This would ensure the removal of colours which in turn would prevent skin issues like acne, allergies and rashes.

It is generally recommended to make use of oil or a good cleansing cream. It would take off the colour easily. Oil and cream would effectively remove the remnants of colour with a minimum amount of friction.

The pores would be eliminated of colour and they will become colour free. If the skin is sensitive it should be calmed with a serum. Natural glycerin could come in handy when it comes to soothing redness and itching.

Take precautions while taking shower

One should not step into the shower immediately. Heading into the shower straight away after playing Holi could prove to be a heavy mistake.

It is advised to apply cold-pressed coconut oil over the entire body before showering. Coconut oil causes the colour on the skin to loosen up. It can be taken off with a dry cloth in the later stages. Also, cold water should only be used for shower purposes. In case you encounter any issues with respect to skin, the Best Dermatologist in Ludhiana should be contacted for treatment.

Avoid Harsh Formulations

The skin comes into a sensitive state after Holi. It is advised to take a break from your regular skin care routine. Alcohol based toners and any skin product with artificial fragrance should be avoided.

Such products can lead to reactions on the skin. Retinol should not be used until the skin is free from sensitivity. The Best Dermatology Clinic in Ludhiana can guide you regarding the usage of skin products after Holi.

Usage of mask

Homemade masks can help in skin nourishment. They can cause a significant reduction of acne, remove blackheads and balance the pH level of the skin.

Masks made from rose extracts and tomato juice can help in reducing sun tan and hydrate the skin.

Moisturize the skin

It is really important to apply a quality moisturizer based on the skin type. This will nourish the upper layers of the skin and make it soft. Moisturizers can also be used in combination with a naturally extracted oil for a good fragrance afterwards.

Make sure you get enough sleep

Holi carries the party vibe with itself and where there is a party there is also a lack of sleep. This could lead to puffy eyes and dark circles under them.

It is suggested to use an under eye gel before going to sleep. This gel eliminates the colour fragments over the skin thereby countering the problems of dark circles and puffiness under the eyes.

Generally, many people decide to participate in the festival only by considering that good quality herbal colours are used. Still, some of the friends and family members can apply harsh colours. However, if a proper skin care regimen is followed, one can experience all the fun and drama without getting the skin damaged.

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