How to prevent hair loss after delivery?

How to prevent hair loss after delivery?

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The joy of becoming a mother is unmatched as it makes you feel empowered, elated and complete. The pains and issues that you endure during the pregnancy would fade away eventually as you cradle the baby with your warmth and love. Most of the women experience thinning and shedding of hair after giving birth to their baby. Dr. Vidushi Singal – the best dermatologist in Ludhiana explains that postpartum hair loss is completely normal. She further adds that with a little attention to your diet and health routine, things can get back to normal within a year.

What are the reasons behind hair loss post-delivery?

Dr. Vidushi explains that every human being loses around 80-100 hair strands in a day that go completely unnoticed as they don’t fall at once. For most of the women who are expecting, the estrogen and pregnancy hormones slow down the hair shedding process. This results in thick and lustrous hair in expecting mothers, adds the best dermatologist in Punjab.

But, extra hair start shedding when these hormones get back to their normal levels.

Apart from hormonal changes, some other reasons that could result in hair loss post-delivery are:

  • Stress
  • Thyroiditis
  • Anaemia (iron deficiency)
  • Lack of rest, sleep and nutrition
  • Bad eating habits

 How long the postpartum hair loss lasts?

Dr. Vidushi urges the patients not to panic. It’s a process that takes time to get back to normal. By the time your child blows the first birthday candle, your hair loss would have significantly improved. But, if you are experiencing persistent hair loss even after a year, it’s time to consult a dermatologist near you and go for an advanced hair loss treatment in Ludhiana.

Tips for dealing postpartum hair loss

Dr. Vidushi shares some important tips that you should follow immediately after giving birth to your little one in order to ensure healthy and luscious locks.

Get plenty of rest

At this point you need plenty of rest and good sleep to recover your body from delivery pains.  Try to sleep when your little one is sleeping.  Don’t miss your prenatal supplements as advised by your doctor.


Make sure that you eat a balanced diet that is rich in vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients. If you’re breastfeeding your baby, you would need extra energy and nourishment to satiate both the little one and yourself.

Maintain proper hair hygiene

Wash your hair using a gentle and mild shampoo regularly. Condition your hair using a good quality conditioner and comb them using a wide-toothed comb. Cover your hair in case you are stepping out in the sun.

 Avoid excessive and harsh brushing of hair and skip curling, blow-drying or ironing for few months. Don’t go for any chemical-based treatments such as permanent straightening, perms etc until your shedding stops.

Avoid tying the hair too tightly

Dr. Vidushi Singal advises the new mothers to avoid doing tight ponytails or tying their hair too tightly with hair accessories such as hair bands, clips etc. Instead, you can use scrunches, bandanas or barrettes to tie your hair.

Medical treatments for post-delivery hair fall in women

In a major respite, there are many advanced treatments available that will help you get back your look post-pregnancy, shares Dr. Vidushi Singal – the best dermatologist in Punjab.  Listed below are the most famous and popular hair loss treatments in Ludhiana.

  • Hair Cyclical Therapy
  • PRP hair loss treatment
  • Derma roller or Micro Needling
  • Stem Cell Therapy for Hair Growth
  • Mesotherapy
  • Low-level Laser Therapy

Consult a dermatologist near you to find the right treatment as per your condition. 

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Orthoderma Clinic: Get back your Supermodel look with best hair loss treatment in Punjab

Orthoderma Clinic is one of the best dermatology clinics in Ludhiana offering advanced and safest hair loss treatments in Ludhiana and Moga. If you have a normal postpartum hair fall, you won’t need any kind of medication. Just follow the above given tips and you will see a major improvement within a few weeks. But, there could be several underlying health or lifestyle issues that may worsen your post-delivery hair loss. Book an appointment with Dr. Vidushi Singal today to evaluate the root cause of your problem and determine the most suitable method for restoring your lost hairline. You may call/ WhatsApp +91-98780-05855 or visit for more information.

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