5 Myths about Knee Replacement Surgery

5 Myths about Knee Replacement Surgery

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Just imagine your mobility is restored and you feel pain-free!

Lives of patients with rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and post-traumatic arthritis often result in havoc. Gone are the days when the patients with degenerative knees had to bear the brunt of pain. Knee replacement surgery comes to the rescue. Knee Replacement Surgery also is referred to as “knee Arthroplasty” or “knee resurfacing.”

In the Knee Replacement Surgery, the knee joints are surgically repaired or constructed. This treatment makes use of prosthesis (artificial body parts). With this, the patient will resume mobility and is likely to experience no pain at all. Imagine how wonderful it would feel.

But, the gloomy scenario of reality is that most people dread undergoing knee replacement surgery. People are terrified of its name because of the misinformation received from their relatives and friends. While some are even unaware about the option. Visit the Best knee surgeon in Ludhiana for a knee replacement surgery.

Knee replacement surgery is your need if other available treatments have resulted in vain.

You may consider Knee replacement surgery in the following cases-

  • Rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis or post-traumatic arthritis
  • Severe knee pain/stiffness hampering day-to-day activities
  • Moderate but continuous pain even during rest time
  • Problems in walking, climbing stairs or sitting and getting out of chairs
  • Knee Deformity
  • Depression/ Trauma

For rapid recovery, avail Knee replacement surgery, Ludhiana.

Mere awareness and availability of the Knee replacement surgery does not ensure people undergo it.  Certain myths become a hindrance.

The popular Myths about knee replacement surgery are:

MYTH 1: Knee replacement surgery should be prolonged till the time possible.

You should not delay getting Knee replacement surgery. Success of no other non-surgical treatment is backed by scientific data. As arthritis advances, the degeneration of your knee joints continues. Medicines will only provide temporary relief.

Alternative therapies may not be curative. One should undergo Knee replacement surgery at the earliest. Mending a severely damaged knee could result in complications. Early knee replacement surgery will also increase the longevity of the prosthesis.

MYTH 2: People above 65 years of age cannot undergo Knee replacement surgery.

Age is no bar for knee replacement surgery. Doctors do ensure that the patient is clinically fit for the operation. Both physical (including blood tests) and psychological age is taken into consideration.

In fact, the wear and tear of the knee muscles/joints start taking place after the 60s. There are people above the age of 85 also who are leading a happy life after their surgery.  Best knee replacement surgeon in Ludhiana is available at your disposal to relieve you from pain.

MYTH 3: Knee replacement surgery is severely painful.

Modern day pain management methods of operations are a big relief. Anesthesia is provided to the patient before the surgery commences.

One may also seek counseling before the surgery for one’s mental preparedness. Even pain is not felt during the operation so severe pain is a far deal. Visit a knee-specialist for pain-free Knee replacement surgery, Ludhiana.

MYTH 4: A foreign element is induced by replacing the knee.

Only worn-out surfaces of the knee-joints are removed. Artificial knee joints are inserted which do not react with the skin. The material is safe to be inserted in the body with no ill-effects. The damaged part of the knee is resurfaced or repaired rather than replaced. On an average, the implant lasts for about 15-25 years and for others it can last for a lifetime. When a knee replacement surgery is done the second time, it is called Revision Joint Knee replacement surgery.

MYTH 5: Some activities need to be given up after the surgery.

After 24-48 hours, the patient is permitted for toilet-activities and knee-bending. One can participate in outdoor social activities after 2 weeks. People fear that they will not be able to drive, walk or cycle after the surgery. In fact there is a high probability of resuming activities within 6-12 weeks.

One can even sit in a cross-legged or squat position. But, avoid it just for the longevity of the implant. Contact games should also be avoided. Majority people are able to resume their jobs after about 6 weeks. For Knee replacement surgery, Ludhiana has qualified doctors. Quality of Life is always welcoming. Check out for the Best knee surgeon in Ludhiana. Knee replacement surgery is definitely going to be a relief for you.

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