What are underarm whitening treatments in dermatology?

What are underarm whitening treatments in dermatology?

Underarm whitening treatments | Orthoderma Clinic

Dark underarms making you ditch your favorite sleeveless top?

Not anymore.

Dark Underarms is inevitably the main concern for women as they are unable to wear their favorite sleeveless outfits or tops. The dark underarms may get highlighted in those outfits and make you feel embarrassed.

Relax. Dark Underarms is a common issue – there is nothing to be worried about.

Keep reading to know reasons, cures, and the best underarm whitening treatments by Dr. Vidushi Singal- the best dermatologist in Ludhiana.

Top Reasons for Dark Underarms

Dark armpits can be due to hormonal reasons, harsh cosmetics, or daily activities that may cause friction, sweat, or chemical reactions with the skin and products.

The skin of armpits is very soft, sensitive, and fragile – and therefore a little imbalance causes the darkness of underarms.

Read below the main reasons that cause darkness to your armpit area:

Clothing & Improper Care

Wearing tight clothes can be the top reason for your dark armpits – as it resists the air and causes pores to be clogged that further opens the doors for hyperpigmentation and blackness of the top layer of skin.

Always wear comfortable clothes – which fit you well without any irritation or let the skin breathe smoothly. Prefer Natural Fabrics such as Cotton, Wool, Silk, etc. over man-made synthetics.

Keep a regular check on your underarms by exfoliating with a safe and natural product to eliminate unhygienic cells and dead skin. 

Cosmetics & Waxing

Do you use underarm cream, wax, or some lightening cosmetic masks?

Those products may contain alcohol, steroids, and many harmful chemicals which may result in discoloration of the underarms, adds the Best dermatologist in Punjab.

Waxing your armpits may turn your skin dull, black, and damaged – since the process of removing hair from underarms removes the topmost protective layer of the skin.

When the top layer of the skin is removed along with the hair, dust, dirt, and free radicles are more likely to attack the certain spot causing irritation & discoloration of underarms.

Deodorants & Medical conditions

Using deodorants is the top reason that causes black underarms – it does not matter how good they smell. In a long run, all they do is harm the skin tone of your armpits.

The underarms skin is very sensitive to fragrance and the reactive ingredients of perfumes – Dr. Vidushi Singal- the specialist in underarm whitening treatment in Ludhiana suggest reducing the over usage of those products.

Medical conditions such as Obesity and hormonal disorders, polycystic ovarian syndrome, or acanthosis nigricans can cause uneven tone under your arms.

Studies have shown that a high dose of contraceptive pills, Vitamin B3, corticosteroids leads to discoloration of the underarms as well.

Best Dermatologist Treatment to Lighten the Black under Arms

Dermatologist treatments to lighten the dark armpits can be costly as compared to any other saloon or cosmetic treatments – however, they are most effective and safe for all skin types. These treatments provide the maximum output by lightening the armpits.

1.      Laser treatment

It is the most preferred and high-rated underarm skin lightening dermatologist treatment. It helps in curing hyperpigmentation as well as in shaving the hair permanently or temporarily.

Laser methods to remove underarm hair and brighten the skin make you feel confident about your skin by making a smooth and beautiful textured underarm area.

2.      Dermabrasion treatment

Another popular treatment to lighten the dark underarm is Dermabrasion – the process of layering the area. Skin specialist resurfaces or adds a layer using only medicated and safe products to the surface of your skin.

It will eventually make up the texture of the armpits and will make the area look fresh, light & healthy.

Final Thoughts

Dark underarms can easily be treated over time if you follow the precautions given above.

Treating underarms from a dermatologist can be your best investment– moreover, a little daily routine of self-care and hygiene is a must for all women as well as men to get that natural and fresh tone of the skin.

Dark underarms bothering you? Get your appointment fixed right away with the best dermatologist in Ludhiana. Call us at +91-98780-05855 today.

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