How to treat dark lips?| Dermatology treatment for Lip Pigmentation

How to treat dark lips?| Dermatology treatment for Lip Pigmentation

Dark lips Treatment | Orthoderma Clinic

Have you become an expert in concealing the darkness of your lips? There is every possibility that you are dealing with hyper-pigmented lips.

Dr. Vidushi Singal- the Best Dermatologist In Punjab explains that lip darkening is caused by increased melanin deposits in the lip area. Various factors contribute to the same such as smoking, medications, sun exposure, trauma etc, adds the expert dermatologist.

The condition is known as melasma and greatly varies with skin colour and is more prevalent in women. The good news is that dark lips can very well be treated.

Keep reading to understand the causes, prevention tips and most recommended dark lips treatment by dermatologist.

Causes of Dark Lips

Have a look at some of the causes related to Pigmentation, dark spots or patches on lips.

Sun Exposure

UVA and UVB rays from the sun harm the skin especially the lips. These harmful radiations trigger the melanin production leaving the lips dark and pigmented. Make sure that you apply sunscreen with a minimum SPF 50 before stepping out in sun.

Traditional Hair Removal Methods/Bleach

Our lips are very sensitive. Waxing, bleaching or using conventional hair removal methods such as using razor to remove hair may harm them and turn them pigmented.

Skin Disorders

Skin issues such as eczemas, atopic dermatitis, melisma, etc. may also be responsible for lip pigmentation. It is always better to consult the best dermatologist near you and avoid DIY treatments.


One of the most common reasons for pigmented or brown lips is smoking. Habitual and regular smoking transfers nicotine and tar on the lips as well as the surrounding area that may lead to discolouration of the skin.

Dr. Vidushi Singal shares the best dark lips treatment by dermatologist that are 100% safe and lighten the pigmentation are:

Topical Creams

There are many topical creams available in the market that help reduce the pigmentation of lips and other facial areas. The creams contain ingredients such as kojic acid, hydroquinone, etc. that work as skin whitening agents by controlling melanin production.

Dr. Vidushi- the best pigmentation specialist in Ludhiana recommends using creams that are prescribed by dermatologists.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels work by exfoliating the skin under controlled conditions. These not only remove the dead skin but also aid in reducing melanin simulation. Depending on the skin texture and condition, a combination of peels can be used by the dermatologist.

Permanent Makeup

Also known as lip tattooing, this is one of the quickest solutions to dark lips. It is just like micro-pigmentation where pigmented granules are inserted beneath the skin’s upper layer.

Laser Treatment

Get soft and pink lips with ablative laser treatment – one of the most popular and advanced dermatology treatments for lip hyperpigmentation or dark lips. The laser deeply penetrates the skin and stimulates new skin cell production. The procedure is completely safe, non-invasive and painless.

Prevention Tips/ Things to consider 


For mild cases, the dark lips may be a result of an allergic reaction such as from food, medication or cosmetics. Just wait for a couple of months for the things to subside of their own. If the condition stays the same, it’s better to reach out to a dermatologist near you.

Be careful while exfoliating

Excessive exfoliation may harm the softness and suppleness of the lips. Be always gentle with exfoliators.

Say no to smoking

Dr. Vidushi Singal- the specialist in offering best hyperpigmentation treatment in Ludhiana shares that it’s the high time to quit smoking. Things may worsen if smoking is continued.


Always wear a dermatologically tested sunscreen even if you are inside. The blue rays from the digital devices are equally harmful just like sunrays.

Avoid untrusted home remedies

Trying home remedies unknowingly may irritate the skin and may aggravate the situation.

Looking for best dark lips treatment by dermatologist near me?

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