How to take the post-operative care after having a knee replacement surgery?

How to take the post-operative care after having a knee replacement surgery?

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Recently undergone a knee replacement surgery in Ludhiana? Your new knees would be life-changing! Here are a few post-surgery tips by renowned orthopaedist in Punjab to accelerate your recovery.”

Struggling with knee arthritis and mobility? 

Or, your osteoarthritis has gone so bad that neither medication nor any physical exercise is able to calm your pain?

Is it almost like a bone on bone? 

Then, it’s a good time to consider knee replacement surgery in Punjab. “Gone are the days when there were extended hospital stays, too much of bed rest and pain-relief medications lasted for long”, says Dr. Shekhar Singal, the best orthopedician in Punjab. With advances in medical technology and minimal non-invasive procedures, the recovery protocols have undergone a drastic shift, adds Dr. Shekhar.

If you have recently undergone knee replacement surgery in Ludhiana, your new knees would be life-changing. Though hospital stays for such surgeries are shorter, your home becomes the next phase of recovery. You need to stay vigilant during your initial recovery period while you acclimatize with the routine activities. Dr. Shekhar Singal – the best orthopedic surgeon in Ludhiana shares five tips for accelerated recovery and pain-free manoeuvres.

Use assisted devices

You are free to change your speed gears with your new knees while waking. But, post-operative care demands you to be extra cautious. Use assisted devices such as a cane or walker which will ensure your balance and avoid unintended falls. These assisted devices give extra safe space to the patient while walking. Dr. Singal shares that patients can reduce their use of canes or walkers over time.

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Treat the pain first

It has been seen that most of the patients avoid taking painkillers or other pain-relieving medications, out of the fear of either getting addicted or their side effects. An untreated pain can result in chronic pain and would interfere in your rehabilitation exercises, adds Dr. Shekhar – the seasoned specialist of knee arthroscopy in Ludhiana.

If you are experiencing pains after knee replacement surgery, consult the best orthopedician near you or your surgeon immediately.  The best ortho doctor in Ludhiana would analyze and advice pain management that will work for you as per your needs, lifestyle and requirement.

Keep your knees straight

After the successful completion of your knee replacement surgery in Moga, you need to give an ample amount of time to your joints to heal. The traditional means of bending legs while standing or sitting are to be strictly avoided. You need to keep your knee joints as straight as possible and avoid bending. You can use crutches or any assistive help when you are just about to move. Follow up with your surgeon regularly.  

Knee brace/cover

Knee braces speed up your healing and prevent unnecessary straining of your knees. Wear your knee covers or braces as much as possible. These braces stabilize your knees and protect them from damage. 


Before beginning with the physical exercise, treating your swelling is the most important part. Knee swelling could restrict your motion or could even make doing the exercise difficult. Dr. Shekhar Singal advises the patients to go for cold compression and some non-steroidal drugs to reduce the inflammation.  After the swelling and pain are significantly improved, your doctor would advise you on certain exercises such as swimming, walking, bending and extending, cycling etc.  Do not overexert yourself else you might end up re-injuring your knee.

It may take around 10-13 weeks for you to get back in action and start performing your day-to-day activities with ease. Also, it may take around 6 months to a year for your knee to become resilient and stronger.

Long-term care helps you avoid problems and make your new knees last longer.

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