How to reduce office back pain?

How to reduce office back pain?

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Incorrect posture, physical inactivity and a poorly designed workspace can aggravate your existing back pain. Read these tips to prevent/reduce back pain at work.

According to AcaToday, experts predict that back pain is the leading cause of disability amongst all age groups. 8 out of 10 people would have experienced back pain in their life for some reason. Back pain not only prevents people from engaging themselves in everyday activities but is indeed one of the prime reasons for ‘missed-out’ work in offices. Also, around 20% of the younger generation (age 16-34 years) is already receiving neck and back pain treatment in India.

All thanks to office jobs!

On one hand, office jobs are famous for their sedentary nature while on the other hand, these are indeed the main culprits that are taking a serious toll on our physical health. NCBI estimates that 38% of all office workers are suffering from back pain issues due to prolonged sitting at their desks. Discomfort and serious physical limitations follow that.    

Dr. Shekhar Singal – the best orthopedic doctor in Punjab urges people that understanding the causes of back pain and taking in-time treatment is crucial to avoid irreparable damage. Follow these three easy steps in your daily work routine to reduce and manage back pain in the office.

1. Back-friendly workspace

The first thing you need to do is to create a workspace environment that helps provide you relief from back pain. Your work chair should have an adjustable backrest and arms. It is a one-time investment and proves beneficial in your back pain treatment. The chair should be able to provide good lumbar support or you may use a small pillow to provide support to the lower back.  Dr. Shekhar stresses on buying a chair that swivels as well. This type of chair prevents unnecessary twisting and contorting of torso and spine all day long, adds the best ortho doctor in Ludhiana.

Going for ergonomic keyboards helps to prevent other injuries such as muscle strains, fatigue etc. These modern keyboards allow your hands to rest at a natural angle and prevent you from hunching throughout the day.   

2. Follow good habits

A few good habits can actually turn savior for your spine and neck. Dr. Shekhar- the best orthopedic near me, recommends that staying active throughout the day could help you manage your back pain easily.

Make a thumb rule to take a break of 5-10 minutes after every hour (60 minutes), adds the best orthopedic doctor in Ludhiana. Just step aside from your chair, get up and stretch your limbs and back.  

Maintain a correct posture while walking and sitting, do not slouch. Avoid straining your neck and head while making phone calls. Use hands-free options, if possible and keep your movements relaxed, slow and natural.  

3. Maintain a correct posture           

Don’t ignore your posture while working in the office. No matter how much is the work pressure or pending work, it’s your spine that gives you the power to work all day long. For a perfect spine, you need to follow certain good posture practices. Dr. Shekhar Singal shares a few tips for proper back pain management in the office.

  • Your head and neck should completely align above your shoulders.
  • While sitting make sure to keep your back firm against the backrest of the chair.
  • Your shoulders should be held back and should be in square with your monitor.
  • The height of the monitor should be at your eye’s level.
  • Try to position everything within your arm’s reach.

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