Dermatologically Approved Tips for Post-COVID Skin and Hair Care

Dermatologically Approved Tips for Post-COVID Skin and Hair Care

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COVID-19 has not only caused upheaval in our lives but has deeply disrupted our physical and mental well-being too. Keep reading to unveil some effective tips for healthy tresses and glowing skin.

Headache, hair loss, fatigue and pale skin are some of the most common concerns addressed by patients who are recovering or have recovered from COVID. Whether it’s about hormonal imbalance or side effects of medications, people are struggling to get back their original skin and hair texture that they had before getting infected with COVID-19 virus. Dr. Vidushi Singal- the best dermatologist in Ludhiana shares some easy and effective tips for post-COVID skin and hair care. 

Hair Care Tips

While there is no overnight remedy that will strengthen your locks and reduce hair loss due to COVID-19, you can easily regain the lost volume of your tresses by following the tips given below:

Nutritional supplements

Dr. Vidushi Singal- the specialist in hair loss treatment in Punjab recommends increasing the intake of nutritional foods rich in desired vitamins and minerals. This will nourish your scalp, strengthen your hair follicles and make them strong and healthy, thereby, reducing your acute hair loss to a great extent.

Exercise daily

While you are recovering, you must start walking and work towards building an exercise routine to get back your fitness. After you have fully recovered and started feeling energetic, start with 30-50 minutes of workout routine.

Sleep well

Having a sleep of 7 to 8 hours is mandatory and should be made a thumb rule. If you really want to recover quickly from this deadly infection, take plenty of rest.

Reduce stress

These COVID times are so uncertain that they eventually turn a person jittery and wrong hormones get triggered. Reduce your mental stress and practice some meditation sessions or Yoga exercises. These will certainly help you in better stress management.

If you are still struggling with hair thinning and acute hair fall, consult your dermatologist right away for hair loss treatment in Punjab.

Skincare Routine

Lots of Sunscreen

Apply lots and lots of sunscreen with SPF 50+. Repeat it after every four hours. Dr. Vidushi – the best dermatologist in Punjab explains that 90% of the skin ageing and damage is due to the sun and other UVA and UVB radiations. Whether you are at home, working in front of blue screens or stepping out in sun, make sure to apply plenty of sunscreen to protect your skin.

Hydrate your skin

Use a good and gentle moisturizer to regain the suppleness of your epidermis. The best and natural way to keep your skin hydrated is to drink good amount of water. You must at least drink 6 -7 glasses of water on an average.

No smoking

Nicotine in any form contributes significantly to facial lines, ageing and changes in skin tone and texture. So, quit smoking if you really want healthy and glowing skin.

Eat healthily

Maintain a healthy diet. Eat lots of fresh seasonal fruits, green leafy vegetables, meats, fish, and a limited amount of starch. Start including antioxidant supplements such as Zinc and Vitamins A, C, and E.

Use gentle cleanser

Don’t go harsh on your skin. Prefer a gentle cleanser suiting your skin type to clean your skin. Avoid using hydroxyl acids for a couple of weeks and prefer going soft on your skin till you are recovering.

Well, in case you still feel that these tips aren’t working and you need professional advice, consult a dermatologist near you for immediate guidance.

Before going for medical solutions, Dr. Vidushi – the specialist for anti ageing treatment in Ludhiana stresses opting for tropical solutions for post-recovery skin and hair care.

Struggling with heavy hair loss? Feel free to connect with Dr. Vidushi Singal – the best dermatologist in Ludhiana for adept hair and skincare solutions and a customized COVID skin care recovery kit. Call Orthoderma Clinic today!

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