4 things you should know before getting Lip Fillers

4 things you should know before getting Lip Fillers

Lip fillers treatment | Anti-Ageing Treatment in Ludhiana

Habits and trends have always been the part of life. Trendsetters never amaze to set-up newest trends, but are unable to make us aware of the precautions that are associated to it.

Nowadays, you probably cannot go anywhere without a pouting pair of lips that could be popping out of a magazine, hoarding or TV screen, but some of them look more natural than others. Do you know how to achieve those understated yet perfectly plump lips, and what you need to know before getting those lip fillers?

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Here are the 4 things you should be thinking about precisely before booking a lip filler appointment anywhere:

Medically qualified practitioner

Choosing a medically qualified practitioner is the first and foremost step regardless of what treatment you are looking for, and this search becomes more important when a solution or something new is being injected into your own body.

Check and analyse the medical practitioner’s qualifications, reviews, experiences and even their work when it comes to getting a lip filler.

Before and after shots are also to make sure if you like their work or not. There have been so many stories in recent times about botched lip fillers by people who are certainly not so qualified. Hence, don’t be tempted by cheap prices at the clinic. If you’re thinking of getting it done, get it done by a professional. Orthoderma Clinic, Ludhiana offers prominent quality lip fillers.

Are lip fillers safe?

Hyaluronic acid fillers are precisely the FDA-approved fillers, and as long as they are done by a medically qualified practitioner around you, they are safe.

If you experience any issues with your existing lip fillers after getting it done, you can contact your practitioner, who will be able to advise you on what to do further to get your issue with lip fillers solved. HA fillers can also be dissolved if needed, but it is far more complicated than it seems to remove collagen lip fillers.

Your medical practitioner’s skill, medical background and level of training definitely will have an impact on how safe the treatment of lip fillers can be.

Are lip fillers painful?

Pain tolerance does vary from person to person, but for some people around, lip fillers seem to be rather uncomfortable than painful.

Medical practitioners use several varieties of numbing techniques, it can be anything, as the lips are a very sensitive part of the human body and even the first glance part of the face.

Some do use dental blocks – injections into the gums which usually numb the mouth – while others use stated numbing cream. Speak to your medical practitioner about what options are available to you when it comes to make you feel comfortable.

Side-effects of lip fillers

As mentioned above, lips are the sensitive organ of the human body, they are likely to feel a little swollen and sore after the first few days of treatment.

For some people around, this feeling of swollen or sore lips only lasts a day but, for many others, it might take 2-3 days or a week depending on person to person, because Hyaluronic acid is injected using either a needle or cannula, and in such case bruising or redness is common, and you should also notice all the pin-prick marks available.

What to do before or after getting the lip fillers?

Once you’re done with your lip filler treatment as you wanted it to be done, there are a few things that you should and shouldn’t follow.

For instance, one must avoid exercise for the first 24 hours. It is important to be careful and take such precautions. Trying ice-packs for the swollen and sore lips is an easy start to the precautions. Also, if you do experience any pain afterwards, then try taking paracetamol to ease it soon. Book your appointment with the Orthoderma clinic!

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